“I stopped working at 48 because of young onset dementia. Staying at home alone during the day was isolating and I missed my routine of going to the office and interacting with colleagues. I realized I need to be active to help my family. Just because I have dementia doesn’t mean that I should stop having fun in life!

I am proud to be an advisor to YouQuest. I suggest things for the Recreation Therapists to consider such as how to manage transitions throughout the day. I’m also on the YouQuest board where I contribute ideas on how the future might look for the organization and what families need in a wellness community.

About a year into my diagnosis I worked with cognitive rehabilitation therapists who gave coping strategies to make my days more successful. It’s rewarding to recommend these strategies to other participants. I feel a sense of purpose sharing what I’ve learned over the last 12 years.

YouQuest helps me remain positive and have a good day, every day.”