Volunteer Coordinator

“YouQuest creates an environment were everyone feels welcome. We have a wonderful team of volunteers, therapists, and advisors that are committed to improving the lives of everyone within the YouQuest family. There is great understanding and appreciation for this dedicated team by the participant families.”


Retired Sales Professional

“I believe the most important work that YouQuest does is to give participants a full day of enjoyment. Plus there’s good food, friends, easy transitions and predictable routines. YouQuest is a safe place where participants can thrive, where we can be supportive of each other and talk openly about young-onset dementia … if we choose to.”


Queens University student of
Science and Psychology

“I’m motivated to stay involved with YouQuest because I was impressed with the recreation therapist role at YouQuest. They were very professional and focused on supporting participants to be mentally and physically active. Every week I saw people eager to make connections, share and ask questions in a safe, supportive atmosphere.”