Dementia doesn’t just affect the elderly. It also impacts thousands of men and women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Tough to diagnose, incurable and on a sharp increase, families are left vulnerable, isolated and disrupted by the gap in services and resources.

Canadians with young onset dementia and their families need access to relevant day-to-day services. Existing services are designed for seniors and do not meet the unique needs of people with young onset dementia.

YouQuest provides practical support in a community setting.

Creating community for people
with young onset dementia
and their families
for active health and well-being.

In partnership with SAIT Recreation, YouQuest is uniquely dedicated
to people with young onset dementia.


With access to SAIT’s Wellness Centre and campus resources, participants have a safe, welcoming place to enjoy their day.

Recreation therapists and volunteers co-plan days with participants based on personal interests, strengths and abilities.

Family caregivers and friends have peace of mind.

To date, YouQuest has provided families with support that is equivalent to
$157,795 in private care fees (based on $35/hr)

Care Partner Respite Hours

On-site Volunteer Hours

Active Participant Hours


Participants are social and active with peers; families get a full-day break from caregiving.


Volunteers assist recreation therapists to actively engage participants and families.


Supporters help foster community-based services for practical daytime support.

“YouQuest is my haven”